Belfry Cottage is proudly nestled at the back of a century-old farmyard. The cottage and surrounding buildings date from the mid 1800's and consist of a Victorian brick farmhouse, where the owners, Gerry and Ginny reside; a barn, which houses an antique shop and Belfry Cottage, the original carriage house. The original bell, housed in the belfry, was used to call in farmhands or as an alarm.

The property has been in the owner's family for 70 years. The original farm lands once grew tender fruit, but is now a lovely vineyard with a winery nearby. Across the road is a farm market where fresh food and produce are readily available.

The property has been featured in Elm Street magazine, The Wines of Ontario and Discovering Ontario's Wine Country.

The grounds were nominated for the Chamber of Commerce “Best Commercial Landscape” award in 1998.